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Monday, May 07, 2007

Annnnnnnnnnd here we go - Driving Songs Pt. 5

Sorry for the delay, campers. I was in Ohio for the weekend. What would I have rather been doing? Getting my toenails pulled out by an autistic sadist, that's what. Apparently Ohio is flat because a glacier crossed it during the Ice Age. I say it's flat because hills remind people of bosoms, thus completing Satan's work on Earth. I will say that trying to find a brunette at Miami of Ohio is like Helen Keller trying to find Waldo. When several thousand females aspire to be Tara Reid's body double, you know you need to get the fuck away from the children of the corn.

In music news, it looks like New Order is completely over, which is a shame. While they weren't putting out classics like Low-Life or Technique anymore, songs like "Krafty" and "Waiting for the Sirens' Call" were some of the best singles of the 00's I shall write about them tomorrow.

Today's picture is taken from the new Overcompensating print. If you're not down with Overcompensating, you should be - it's one of the single funniest comics ever created, newspaper or otherwise. Jeff Rowland is a comic genius, and I would consider it a pleasure to buy him drinks from now until Armageddon.

Oh, here's some more songs. This damn series is finally over. What the hell was I thinking?

All Girl Summer Fun Band - Video Game Heart:

Andrew WK - Party 'Til You Puke:

Briefs - Criminal Youth:

Burning Airlines - Outside the Aviary:

Common - Be:

Dubliners - The Fairmoy Lasses:

Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder:

Mustard Plug - Go:

Teenage Bottlerocket - Stupid Games:

Zero Boys - New Generation:


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