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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"No surrender, no retreat" - Fifth Hour Hero

So, yeah. Another band "signed" to No Idea. All I'm gonna say is that when Aubin finally gets off his ass and puts out the 'Org-Core 7" of the Month Club, all he'd have to do is get Fat Wreck and No Idea to combine forces. You can bet your ass I'd have a subscription, and thanks to my new Christmas gift, probably be posting them as soon as they came out (take THAT, Chuck Ragan and Tim Barry!)

Fifth Hour Hero is a Canadian pop-punk band (okay, I guess most of you just stop reading after that last sentence fragment) that trade in constant harmonies and catchy fucking songs. Hey, any band who obliquely names themselves after an underrated Jam song ("Just Who is the 5 o'clock Hero?") deserves a chance. It's one of the female-fronted bands that worships at the altar of Discount (like This Is My Fist, who are staying together after all), which means 1) semi-melodic punk vocals, and 2) poppy doesn't have to mean free-from-grit-and-distortion.

They've done splits with split-whores Gunmoll and Annalise (both of whom ROCK) as well as two full-lengths and a couple EPs, the best of which is "You Have Hurt My Business and Reputation, Too." This year's Not Revenge, Just a Vicious Crush was excellent, and in the running for my inevitable end-of-the-year list, to be posted here and on Racket.

This is perfect music for 20-something who want to feel 15 again, but without the NOFX records or the jeans shants. Good for reckless driving, fireworks, teen-movie moments that inevitably happen, and trying to convince that cute punk chick you're not sexist. Word? Word.,_Oh_My_Bruce.mp3.html


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