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Saturday, December 16, 2006

"I've got a head like a train wreck!" - Paint it Black

News item the first: I apologize if my last entry didn't have much in common with the English language. Don't drink and blog, kids.

News item the second: Racket Mag drinking duel! You heard it here fourth.

Some loves won't change. Such a love for me is that of Dr. Dan Yemin, the man behind the iconic bands Lifetime and Kid Dyanmite, as well as the contemporary group Paint it Black (in addition to KILLING it on bass in Armalite). I advise you to check out all three groups. Last one to do so will have their sexuality called into question, or however the schoolyard chant goes.

Paint it Black specialize in the brand of hardcore that's normally pretty laughable. Bass lead-ins, chugga-chugga breakdowns, shouted vocals, distended rhythms, etc etc etc. But you know what? Yemin brings enough interesting shit to the table to make it more fun than a million other hardcore bands (well, as much fun as you can have with a self-loathing, politically aware child psychologist). Their first record, CVA, was a brutal affair. However, it was their last album, 2005's Paradise that really won me over. If you think hardcore has had nothing to offer since, oh, 1987, then this a record for you. It's hard-hitting as all fucking holy hell, but it's got a melodic edge that can't be denied. Just listen to "Memorial Day," probably the best song they ever did.

And hey, any band with the balls to name themselves after the best Rolling Stones song has got to win at least one coolness point, right?


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