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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"What's the use if you don't want it?" - Squirrel Bait

Squirrel Bait is one of those amazing bands that somehow no one ever really seems to remember, which is unfortunate, because they put out two of the best records of the 80's. Listening to them today, it seems hard to believe that most of the members were high school aged at the time, especially vocalist Peter Searcy, who sounds like he wrote the alt-rock singing guidebook that Kurt Cobain rode to stardom. They were easily one of the most innovative post-punk bands of all time, combining metal sludge with hardcore's pissed-off ranting and some killer stop-start rhythm changes.

I suppose it's helpful that three members went on to one day form Slint, a band that rock geeks jizz for pretty much every day. I like Slint, too, but not so much as to lose my mind over every note in their small discography. Squirrel Bait, on the other hand, are a band well worth going apeshit for. It's especially amazing to me that such talented, visionary teenagers found each other in Lexington, KY, of all fuckin' places. Whoever thought a bunch of kids would be part of a very, very small group of bands that would define a sound that would define the next decade? You can bet your ass the first wave of alternative rock bands that swamped the airwaves in the 90's had Squirrel Bait and Skag Heaven in their tour vans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i first heard 'sun god' on some k-tel "indie" comp that was at the library (which also had the minutemen and black flag on it), and loved it. someone stole the cd though and i never got a copy of it.

you just made my day.


12:32 PM

Blogger Matt Ramone said...

Hey Beth! Glad you liked my choice. I always feel like more people like Squirrel Bait than let on, but no one ever talks about them.

I have both the LP and the EP, if you want to do the AIM transfer sometime.

11:01 PM


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