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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Matt's Rare Tracks #1

Sometimes people ask me how I find so much obscure music, especially for my (I think) killer party mixes. I typically dismiss them as Plebians who will never attain the luster of being a pop nerd. However, there is a dirty little secret to how I fake it.

Using SoulSeek, type in "rare" and the name of a genre, like "rare funk" or "rare polka." You'll get comps made up by freaky genre fanatics, like the ones I used to make for 80's hardcore. Download as much as you can, and you'll pluck between 2-5 decent tracks per outing. I've decided to start sometimes posting the fruits of some of these searches as a segment called (duh) Matt's Rare Tracks.

To qualify, most average music nerds (of which I consider myself one) need to have never heard of the group and it must be virtually impossible to find out anything significant about them using Google. Putting out a single song on a comp that only got 500 copies printed = good, four albums no one just ever bothered to listened to = bad. Got it? Good.

Today's two groups are the Letters and National Soul Review. The Letters were part of the cash-in Mod revival of the late 70's. They released a lone single (of which "Don't Want You Back" was the b-side) before promptly breaking up. I found absolutely nothing abotu National Soul Review. Perfect for parties, though.


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You and your crazy music.

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